Constância Absoluto FIM

The fund seeks to produce returns higher than the CDI over the medium term by employing a set of equities-based strategies, including long/short equities, arbitrage and volatility strategies.

In spite of its FIM legal structure, the fund retains long-term equities taxation rules for investors.

Fund profitability history (%) in BRL

% CDI348%188%--476%803%---408%379%1006%252%
% CDI326%300%68%-413%-430%210%330%156%

*date of the first quota of the fund: 04/13/2018

Fund characteristics

  • Starting investment: BRL 5,000.00
  • Transactions: BRL 5,000.00
  • Minimum balance: BRL 5,000.00
  • Tipo de quota: Closing
  • Investment: D+0
  • Financial investment: D+0
  • Redemption (business days): D+14
  • Redemption payment (business days): D+15
  • Time limit for transactions: 2 pm

Administration fee
2.00% per year (provisioned daily and billed monthly)

Administration fee
20% on what exceeds 100% of CDI (provisioned daily and billed semi-annually using the waterline concept)

Banking information
Corporate name: Constância Absoluto FIM
Fund CNPJ: 28.856.743/0001-87
Bank: 017 – Bank BNY Mellon
Branch: 001
Checking account: 2490-2

Free stocks

Past performance is no guarantee of future return. Careful reading of the prospectus, supplementary information form, essential information sheet and investment fund regulation by the investor is recommended before investing your resources. The manager Constância Investimentos Ltda. incorporated the companies Principia Capital Management ACVM and NP Administração de Finanças Ltda on 03/31/2015.